VOILA Upgrading Its Haiti Mobile Phone Network

If you have cell phone in Haiti and VOILA is your Haiti mobile service provider, I have some good news to share with you. Voila has just announced that they are upgrading their Haiti mobile network.

Voila Haiti Cell Phone Company

Ever since the January 12 Haiti earthquake, there has been a significant increase in SMS traffic (sending and receiving text messages) in Haiti.

More and more Haitians are relying on text messages to get their messages accross these days.

Voila is upgrading and expanding their business support system and the SMS capabilities of their Mobile network in Haiti.

If you recall the days following the earthquake, it was easier to send someone a text message then to keep calling with no answer.

Well Voila took notice and they are doing something about it.

Without being too technical, here is what the upgrade entails...

1 - Voila is upgrading their real-time rating and billing platform. This allow them to better customize marketing and promotional campaigns.

2 - Voila is also switching to a new higher-capacity short messaging system (SMS) with new features and functionality and to absorb this additional SMS traffic in Haiti.

According to a recent Press Release from Comverse, the company who will perform the upgrade, Edgar Geidans, the Vice President of Engineering and Operations for Voila's parent company Trilogy International Partners said that there are many support organizations on the ground in Haiti who acknowledge SMS as the most efficient form of mass communications and they are expecting SMS to remain the preferred communication form for now in Haiti.

When I was a kid growing up in Hinche Haiti, communication was not seen as "important" ale we pou "Critical".

My cell phone was a man named Vignole, the Haitian Army (FADH) courier, who used to take verbal messages (VMS) from my dad in Port-au-Prince, and deliver it to us in Hinche.

That took days...

It only took about two decades for all Haitians understand that, if you are stuck under a collapsed building and no one can hear you, A simple SMS can you save your life.

We've reached the point where Haitians in Haiti and their family on the outside need to communicate constantly and instantly.

It's good to know that there are companies already established in Haiti that can make it happen.

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It's wonderfull, keep it up

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