Voila Haiti, Diaspora San Kat, Part 2

Let me tell you how I accidentally gave one lucky person in Haiti 1,385 gourdes of FREE Voila cell phone Minutes the other day.

Voila Haiti Cell Phone Company

This is a true story guaranteed to make you laugh!

I went to voilacomcel.com to recharge my Voila Haiti cell phone, I like charging my Voila cell phone online because Voila give me free bonus minutes, up to 15% FREE bonus minutes every time I top up my VOILA cell phone online.

Anyway, this time I made a little boo-boo!

I entered the wrong Voila Haiti Cell Phone number!

Not once, but four times! and you think I am smart?

You see, when you go to voilacomcel.com to recharge your Voila Haiti cell phone, you are asked to enter your Haiti cell phone number twice.

There is a reason for that!

The reason VOILA asks you for the cell phone number twice is...

in case you type it wrong the first time, then type it right the second time, Voila will say "Hey, wait a minute, check your phone number and try again!

Guess what, I entered the WRONG phone number twice! my Voila phone number ends with "88" and I kept on entering "80";

I logged in, and I charge my WRONG Voila phone number and I am sitting there waiting for the text message that says, "Vous avez recu 1,050 Gourdes de la part de Woodring Saint Preux."

I was so happy, waiting impatiently to make my phone calls, I paid for 1,000 Gourdes and Voila gave me 50 Gourdes worth of FREE minutes!

Yee Pee!

I waited and waited... and guess what?... NO text message!

"Kisa Voila Ap Fem La-a?" I thought!

So I did it again... but this time I chose a smaller amount, 300 gourdes + 15 gourdes of FREE Voila minutes.

Guess what?

I entered the same wrong Voila Phone Number AGAIN... Not Once... But Twice!


You see smart people like me we don't follow the rules, instead of typing the phone number twice like I am asked to do, I type it once WRONG, and I copy what I typed, and I kept on pasting it.

Copy & Paste... not always a good idea!

AGAIN... No text message.

"Something must be wrong with this website!" I thought...

So I grab my phone, I dialed *111, and called voila customer service...

To my surprise, Haitian businesses are finally coming around... They have customer service... In 3 languages! can you believe this?

"Bien venu au service a la clientelle de Voila!"

  • Pour continuer en Francais, pressez '1'
  • pou kontinye an Kreyol, peze '2'
  • to continue in English, press '3'


Epi nou panse Haiti pa evolue?

After arguing with customer service that's when they helped me realize that I recharged the wrong phone number... and... as soon as I gave this lucky Haitian customer 1,385 gourdes worth of FREE voila Minutes, he started using the hell out of it.


Knowing that I just did something really nice for someone I don't even know, I called the person's phone number hoping that it was a beautiful female voice on the other end...

To my disapointent, it was a man...

"Patne," the man says, "se yon gwo byen ou fe la... ou pa rann ou kont!"

What can I say, Christmas came early this year for one lucky VOILA customer courtesy of my mistake.

It's OK!

I learned a valuable lesson from all this: I found out that I can recharge anybody's Voila cell phone in Haiti, even someone I don't even know, by going to voilacomcel.com

SO... Although I do not recommend giving FREE minutes to total strangers in Haiti like I did, I do recommend that you put a smile on someone's face by giving them to freedom to talk.

I already have my story to tell, go get your own!

Login to voilacomcel.com and start surpprising your family and friends in the 509!

Haiti, that is.

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