USA Vs Haiti - Take the US Government out of the picture, you end up with a country like HAITI

What would the United States of America look like if we took government out of the picture, 'liberating' health care, education and assistance for the poor from the hands of government and leaving it entirely up to the free market and to churches and private charities? HAITI... That's what!

Uncle Sam - This Could Be You Homeless Carboard

I was shocked when I read that but... I wasn't really shocked at all... I just hate reading these kind of things about my beloved Haiti...

Apparently Haiti is a MODEL that NO other country wants to be like...

WHAT? Haiti is a MODEL...

Of course... Haiti is what NOT TO BE LIKE!

I can pretend I never read that or... I can bring it to your attention...

Read this article, Haiti should not be the model for America's future, and you will understand what I mean.

According to the article if America is left up to Non Governmental Organisations (NGOs), the church, and the private sector to act freely. America will end up looking like Haiti.

The article says...

Haiti is also a sterling example of what it looks like when the binary notion of undifferentiated, exclusive public/private responsibility is put into practice. It settles our ongoing "debate" over the relationship between government and civil society. Some say government support is essential for the institutions of civil society -- schools, businesses, hospitals, clinics, voluntary associations, families, clubs, libraries, etc. -- to thrive. Others say the government is only interfering -- that it should just get out of the way and "let the churches do it" or "let the private sector and the free market" deal with it. Haiti shows us what the latter idea looks like in practice.


What do you think about that?

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Rza says...

Let tell the truth it is not that Haiti cannot be great it is more so that we are been squeeze by other countries like the U.S., Canada, & France of course.

Remember the U.S. run the Haitian governments.

Remember our good friend Chavez who tried so hard to help us in any way he can, but the U.S. Always interfere with that so how can we can we progress when you have the U.S. & Bill Clinton and the rest breathing down our so called leader's neck in Haiti.

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Jean says...

Haiti doesnt have government problem we are the problem most haitian doesnt kno wat they want and dont hav good education cuz they think change a poor country like haiti is easy.

look how matelly is trying and they still take change from other ppl to say aba, fol ale, when all other undeveloped country who become developed now do the same thing, put hand on education development, help kids cuz those kids will have to take over when this generation is gone.

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Liline says...

Haiti pa gen leta. Se tankou yon machine san mote, san

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Ti Joe says...


Year after year, our leaders have become such EXPERTS at doing it WRONG that Haiti is now synonymous with "the wrong way to do

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Subject: USA Vs Haiti - Take the US Government out of the picture, you end up with a country like HAITI edit

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