US Navy Ship Finds Safe Haven In HAITI During Hurricane

During the passage of Hurricane Irene, the U.S. Navy found Port-au-Prince Bay to be the safest place in the Caribbean to park their mammoth hospital ship, the USNS Comfort.

The Great Mountains of Haiti are Giving Back!
How do you like that?

The big hospital ship which came to our rescue during the Haiti January 12 2010 earthqake came back to Port-au-Prince bay in Haiti, this time, she is the one who wanted to feel safe :)

I think I speak for all Haitians when I say she is welcomed... anytime...

Come to think of it...
This could be a potential business opportunity for Haiti...

Haiti Is open for business... Vinn Investi!

If the bay of Port-au-Prince is safe for the US Navy, why not build shipping docks to park the boats of the rich and famous during hurricane seasons?

Just a thought...

What do you think about this?

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Martine Civil says...

the Idea is facinated.

better care and hygienne right on the spot for medical care and also it brings income to the

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Bernard says...

AS LONG AS THEY DO NOT OVERSTAY THEIR WELCOME! Before you know it they will try to build a base there, considering their contract with Cuba is expiring

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Jacques L says...

I Love the business idea! Love it we could give back! Go

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