US Embassy in Haiti closed - Goats and Dogs move in as Embassy personnel abandon the area

On Tuesday, August 8, 2023, the US embassy in Port-au-Prince Haiti shut its doors, prompting an unusual spectacle outside its premises. The surroundings of the embassy compound have undergone an unexpected transformation into a temporary habitat for visiting goats and dogs.

Didn't President Francois Duvalier abolish elevage libre (Free Breeding) in Haiti and forbid the movement of livestocks within city limits?

Goats and Dogs in front of the US Embassy in Port-au-Prince Haiti

Since the closing of the US Embassy, these animals have established their residency near the embassy's vicinity, capturing the attention and raising concerns among netizens across various social media platforms.

Tale bef yo pwal debake tou!

Haiti Beef Cattle - Livestock - Yon bèf ki mare nan kòd (pa genyen élevage libre ankò)

Situated in Port-au-Prince's Tabarre area, the embassy took a significant step last Tuesday by announcing stringent restrictions and a state of confinement for its personnel.

Some say the US Embassy is closed indefinitely but here is exactly what was posted on the embassy's website Tuesday:

"The Embassy is closed today. All personnel are restricted to Embassy compounds until further notice due to gunfire in the vicinity of the Embassy. Travel between the compounds is prohibited. Some routes to the Embassy may be impacted due to continued rapid gunfire"

The sequence of events leading to the embassy's closure was initiated by a large-scale demonstration that took place in Port-au-Prince on the aforementioned Monday.

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