Haiti News Updates

20 year old man dies from coronavirus in Haiti

A 20 year old man died from covid-19 in Haiti on Wednesday, April 29 2020. He is the seventh person to died from the coronavirus pandemic in the country. more »

Haiti Television : Raynald Delerme reopens PVS TV Station in Florida and Online

PVS Canal 16 - Haiti Television Haitian TV icon Raynald Delerme (Baba) announved the relaunch of his PVS Haitian Television station, from the Palm Beaches of Florida and on the Internet Thursday April 23, 2020 at 7PM. more »

What is in the news these days in Haiti besides Coronavirus?

You can hardly find any good news to report about a Haiti anytime of the year. Now with covid-19 as the topic of the day, there's basically nothing much to report. more »

Why is the United States deporting Haitians in the middle covid-19 pandemic?

68 Haitians are being deported as covid-19 ravages the United States. more »

Did The United States deport a Haitian man exposed to COVID-19?

There is a rumor that US immigration officials deported a Haitian man exposed to the coronavirus COVID-19. Read this from the Miami Herald. more »

Haitian comedian Matias Dandor stabbed in the Dominican Republic

Photo of Matias Dandor in Dominican Hospital after being stabbed Haitian commedian Matias Dandor was stabbed recently in the Dominican Republic. He is in the hospital. more »

Flash : Haitian journalist Luko Desir shot in the head last night in Haiti

Breaking News -- We have just received a video showing Haitian journalist Luko Desir receiving urgent care at a hospital after he was shot in the head by on bandit in Haiti. more »

20 of the people infected with COVID-19 in Haiti traveled overseas and came back with the virus

Out of everyone infected with COVID-19 in Haiti, 20 of them are people who traveled overseas and came back infected with the Corona virus, according to the minister of health. more »

Haitian president create new commission to help manage COVID-19 resources

With the fear of coronavirus in Haiti, the Haitian president created a new Commission to help manage resources coming from the international organizations and the private sector. more »

First COVID-19 related death registered in Haiti Sunday

Haiti, one of the few places on Earth that had not yet registered a fatality from the coronavirus outbreak has its first death registered this Sunday April 5th 2020, a credible news site reported. more »