Haiti News Updates

Some people skeptical to donate to the Red Cross following Haiti's latest earthquake

Haiti Red Cross "Do not send money to organizations like the Red Cross," one user wrote on Twitter, "they have a bad track record," he continued recalling the undelivered promises made following the January 2010 Haiti earthquake. more »

Gabriel Fortune Found Dead in the Rubble - Haiti Earthquake - August 14 2021

Breaking news... Former Haitian senator Jean Gabriel Fortune was found dead in his collapsed Le Manguier Hotel in Les Cayes, Haiti, Saturday August 14th 2021 following a massive earthquake what happened in the region. more »

Haiti Earthquake 2021: Hotel Le Manguier Collapses in Les Cayes, owner Gabriel Fortune dies in the rubble

Hotel Le Manguier - Les Cayes Haiti On Saturday 14 August 2021, Le Mangier Hotel, a Hotel owned by to former Haiti Senator Gabriel Fortune, collapsed in the city of Les Cayes after a massive earthquake shook the city. Senator Jean Gabriel Fortune was found dead in the rubble. more »

FLASH: Earthquake - Baptism Gone Bad in Les Anglais Haiti

Haiti Earthquake 2021 - First Photos There was a baptism taking place at a church in Les Anglais Haiti at the time that the earthquake hit the city on August 14 2021. A journalist in the capital reports casualties in the church. more »

FLASH: Earthquake - Many Dead in Les Cayes Haiti - August 14 2021

Haiti Earthquake 2021 - a house in southern Haiti collapses Journlist Robenson Geffrard Reports... The city of Les Cayes (South of Haiti) severely hit by the August 14 2021 earthquake. Several people are reported dead and many injuries have already been recorded. more »

FLASH: Major earthquake in Haiti Aug 14 2021 - Jeremie and Les Cayes deeply affected

Earthquake in Haiti Breaking news: Major earthquake in Haiti the city of Jeremie and Aux Cayes deeply affected more »

Haitian first lady being treated in South Florida for her wounds after her husband's assassination

Haiti First Lady Martine Moise taken to Jackson Memorial Hospital in South Florida Following the assassination of Haitian president jovenel Moise, first lady Martine Moise was taken to Jackson Memorial Hospital in South Florida to be treated for her wounds during the attack. more »

FLASH: Jovenel Mouri... President Jovenel Moise is Dead!

Haitian President Jovenel Moise, What do you think about him? It is confirmed. We have just learned that Haitian president Jovenel Moise is dead. The Haitian president has just been assassinated. His wife Martine is on a hospital bed riddled with bullets. more »

President aristide taken by ambulance the airport for emergency fly to Cuba

Ex Haitian president jean-bertrand aristide was taken by ambulance out of his residence Thurin the bar straight to the airport where is an emergency flight was waiting for him to be taken to Cuba for emergency care. more »

Haiti was never the pearl of the Antilles for the slaves of saint domingue, lavalas member said

While she was always known as the pearl of the Antilles, Haiti was a pearl for the colonists of France at the expense of the backs of the slaves of saint domingue, a Lavalas member said. more »