Ungrateful Cousins Beware This Christmas!

Ungrateful Cousins Beware This Christmas! This Christmas, make sure YOU are VERY nice to your cousins or they will DUMP you for "Somebody else!"

I found this on my Christmas Blog:

"Me and my ungrateful cousin are no longer talking I thought Christmas was going to be dull without her but I was surprise to meet great people that I am worthy of."

Are you planning to dump anyone this Christmas?

Although I do not recommend that you dump any family members, I definitely recommend that you dump the "rattlesnakes" in your life?

Who are the rattlesnakes?

My friend and Motivational Speaker Rene Godefroy, in his keynote speeches, usually makes a comparison between "the bee" and "the rattlesnake".

Most of us are surrounded by 'rattlesnakes' while what we really need is the 'bee'.

In the coming weeks, as you prepare for your new year resolution, I will tell you about the bee and the rattlesnake.

This holiday season, let us give each other the gift of "ENCOURAGEMENT".

This holiday season, try to surround yourself with people who can encourage you to be better then you were last year.

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Posted by Woody on 12/8/08 3:11 PM

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