UN Forces Believed To Have Brought Cholera To Haiti Intentionally, But Wait There's More!

I just read an article about MINUSTAH forces in Haiti on Guardian.uk and I almost fell off my chair... Find out why...

I would even try to paraphrase it... Here's what I read:

Before accusations of [UN forces] having brought cholera to Haiti (many believe intentionally), UN troops stood accused of murdering and raping Aristide supporters.

According to the Lancet (UN peacekeepers in Haiti, 2 September 2006):

"In just 22 months - from the departure of President Jean-Bertrand Aristide to the end of 2005 - 8,000 people were murdered and 35,000 women sexually assaulted."

While "criminals" were blamed, "police, armed forces, paramilitaries and foreign soldiers were also implicated".

Read the full article here:
False picture of foreign aid to Haiti

I cannot wait to hear your opinion about this...

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Lola says...

Why dnt they live us alone.

is not like they are "helping" us

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Josy says...

I really do not know what to believe anymore, but the still small voice inside of me is telling me something is terribly wrong and it is usually right.

I understand more than three thousand (3000) human beings so far died of Cholera, and probably even more. The leaders in small communities were told not to give interviews to the press, and keep their mouths shut about the real number of deads.

It seems to me that our agriculture has also been tempered with by ennemis with easy access to our country, and the government is not monitoring their comings or goings.

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Mizeliah says...

I don't read anything in Lancet that support your acusation "Un Forces Believed To Have Brought Cholera To Haiti

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Sergo Jean says...

Mwen panse pafwa nou di bagay san reflechi pandan ke na fe fos acuzasyon.Mwen pa pou manifestasyon sa yo men mwen cre ke Haiti se yon peyi tan kou tout lot peyi. Li gen lwa pou respecte tan kou tout lot peyi genyen.

pa exanp USA, CANADA,UK, JAPON,E OTRE;tou gen lwa pou proteje citoyen lakay yo.Nan manje, milite,police, conpayi, mounn ki nan gouveneman lakay li ki jan li dwe foncsyone.

Kessyon pa mwen, pou Leta an Haiti di pep Ayisyen ki sa ki pase avec lwa ki proteje pep la kont tou conpayi bidon kap foncsyone an Haiti san defini misyon yo bay mounn kap veye yo a?An pran JETCO ki ramase toilet Pou UN ke Aristide te invite pou pote li secou le li tap craze lwa an Haiti pou li te ka rete sou pouvoi e ki Bannou Preval ki la .Di pep la ki kote JETCO jete toilet sa yo?Nan ki place epi ki kote nan peyi?Lot bagay si se fimie ou bien angre yo fe avec li pou jadin ki cote yo vann ni epi epi ki vil?Sel bagay mwen konnen nan lot Peyi le yon mounn ou nan gouveneman ou pa gen biznis epi ou pa gen dwa mete fanmi ou nan pozisyon nan pouvoi pou fe kob sou pep.Tout mounn ki fe sa ou travay pou detwi peyi e le flero maledicsyon ap tombe sou neg pa sache ap acuze lot mounnou ou peyi etranje tan kou yap manupile pep Ayisyen.apre sa mwen panse depi tan sa MINUSTAH an Haiti, si gouveneman te utilize toilet sa yo pou yon bon rezon Haiti tap vini tou vet avec pie bwa ki tap gen andann epi anpil manje.

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Herman Schurmans says...

I cannot but agree with Ann

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Bigg54 says...

The+haitian+government+need+to+step+up+because+the+UN+is+just+taking+advantage+of+us+its+our+country+we+own+it+not+them+they+have+to+go+they+taking+our+country+money.+All+haitian+have+to+make+peace+with+each+other if we want to get our country

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Sandra Pierre says...

I believe is not gonna get any beter for ours contry cause ke nou bezwen change avan pou ke Bon Dieu fe aparition l nan mitan pep li nou renmen bay moun pot charge

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Subject: UN Forces Believed To Have Brought Cholera To Haiti Intentionally, But Wait There's More! edit

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