I really do not know what to believe anymore, but the still...

Josy - November 22 2010, 12:08 AM

I really do not know what to believe anymore, but the still small voice inside of me is telling me something is terribly wrong and it is usually right.

I understand more than three thousand (3000) human beings so far died of Cholera, and probably even more. The leaders in small communities were told not to give interviews to the press, and keep their mouths shut about the real number of deads.

It seems to me that our agriculture has also been tempered with by ennemis with easy access to our country, and the government is not monitoring their comings or goings.

I want to name a few more epidemics in Haiti: chickens, bananas, coconut, and then the black pigs were destroyed.

We ended up buying our chickens, eggs, rice, and other tropical products from our "lovely" neighbors in the D.R.
The UN forces are rotated, and do not remain in the same country for a very long period of time. A group of them from Nepal were taken to the D.R. to be tested for cholera, and the results were "negative".

Who exactly did they test for cholera?

Were they really from Nepal?

Were they a new batch who just arrived in Haiti?

Where are the previous forces from Nepal?

Did the Haitian government sent representatives to monitor the tests very closely?

The US citizens living in New Orleans are getting big settlements from BP for ruining their ways of life, and they could not earn their regular livings from the sea or other businesses.

The Haitians have suffer also tremendous losts of lives, and have not being able to earn their livings due to the cholera epidemic.

Who is going to compensate them for the deaths of their loved ones?

Who is going to pay them for the products they are no longer able to sale in the markets?

We are talking about millions of dollars, and who is standing up for them in front of the international communities.

Where are the sons, and daughters of Haiti who are attorneys living overseas?

The situation is very suspicious, and the police cannot police themselves.

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