Two Haitians Kidnapped in Egypt!

Have you heard? Two Haitian Americans tourists went to Egypt to retrace Jesus' steps and they were kidnapped at gunpoint.

Are there any Haitians liging in Egypt?

Rev. Michel Louis and Lisa Alphonse were along a Sinai road in Egypt en route to a monastery when suddenly, in broad daylight, they were kidnapped at gunpoint.

That was the bad news...

Now the good news...

The two Haitian Americans were released yesterday unharmed. All the kidnapper wanted in return was the release of his uncle from prison.

Things that make you go Hmmm....

Who would've thought that Haitian Christians would be kidnapped (a word so maliciously linked to the "Ohhh Haiti Pa Bon" Syndrome) in the land of Jesus!

Se se te Haiti la pitit, ou tap tande pawol!

What can we all learn from this?

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Harold Fleurine says...

I already pray jesus for the safe release of pastor Michel louis and sister lisa Alphonse, so please keep them in prayer GOD BLESS

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Elizabeth says...

moin bien kontan pou yo yo lague yo yon sel bagaye moin ta rinmin konin se kisa yo gin pou woe ak sa yo kidnape yo

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Miejo says...

Vas ou tu veux meurs ou tu dois...

Nous sommes sur la planete terre ce n'est pas une question de Haiti ou ailleures se la pou pa

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