Patate ak Lait, Bon Manje Creole

This morning I had a bowl of Patat avek Lait for breakfast thinking: "Hmmmm... Last time I had sweet potatoes boiled in milk (patat ak lèt), I was just a kid in Hinche Haiti."

It's funny the kinds of food that taste good in your mouth! It gives away the country boy in you dont it? LOL...

Ou pa fouti retire LABEG la nan mwen cherie!
Pa gen sa pyes!

Growing up in a province in Haiti has its benefits. Neg Potoprens yo ka rele-w "Neg Monn, Neg andeyo" but so what... You get to eat fresh sweet potatoes from the family farm boiled in fresh cows milk...

When I say fresh... I mean fresh... fresh from the cow's teats!

Ou Konnen Tire Bef? LOL....

Do you know what "LAPOY" is LOL...

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Mariefrance says...

voye recette la pou moin non please, moin envi mange patate ak lait la bouche moin fe dlo le moin oue

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Marie says...

Oh my God you remind me that guess what tomorrow I am going cook patate ak lait ok Woodring, you are doing a very good job for the Haitians God bless and thank

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Floyd H says...

memories for me too. grew up in Iowa, milk from the teat, we would boil white potatoes most often.

memories like this is why I felt so at ease when I visited Haiti the first time last

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Rolande Lecorps says...

Oh boy! You brought some memories back here especially when your parents sent you for the three months vacation period over your grandparents which for me was in Mirebalais.

Never forget those times where you get pampered by your grandma, uncles and aunts and those "patat ak lait" come very handy either for breakfast or supper.

Thanks for bringing those sweet memories

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Anna says...

li bon vre oum songe yo te minnim en dehor nan morne yo cuite tayo avek reste lait cabrit li te dou mwen mange

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John says...

mo che mwen pa konn depi kile mwen manje patat ka let bouyi mwen ta renmen manje men se bouch mwen kap fe

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Odrigue says...

mwen remen florida ampil jou mwen kite se Haiti map tounen al viv, se sou sa map travay la, lakay se lakay mwen ta souete lem pare mwen jwen yon ti kote ki poko develope poum rete kote mwen pap tande bal, mwen pap we

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Claude Agustin Baudin says...

check your email just respond directly at penyzo at

I'm been here in california since 85 and love the

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Odrigue says...

ok belboune ka 1:30 mn de Orlando mwen kon al nan la mer la et le pwal miami se la mal monte I-95
Mwen te kite Darius Denis nan annee 87 apwe mwen fini fe Moyen 2 mwen se la mwen tout primaire mwen
College classique mwen fe 6 em a philo nan ki annee ou te nan lekol sa yo
men e-mail mwen penyzo at

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Claude Agustin Baudin says...

here my email baudinclaude81 at
i am 30 miles east of los Angeles, I have a sister who lives in Melbourne not too far from

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