True or False : Money is the main source of happiness for People in poor countries like Haiti

Read this... Money remains the main source of happiness in poor and developing countries and therefore in Haiti. This is just one sentence from a new article published in a Haitian newspaper titled "The keys to happiness in Haiti: employment, diaspora, religion and education."

Haiti Currency - 500 Haitian Gourdes
Haiti Currency - 500 Haitian Gourdes

I don't know if you need to process all of the keys to happiness but basically, according to the article, if you have a job or you have someone in the diaspora sending you money transfers on a regular basis, or you are God in your life, or you have a good education. you should be a happy camper.

Do you agree or disagree with that statement?

According to the World Bank, the creation of work is the way to reduce the frustrations of the population in Haiti where the unemployment rate is 14%, twice and triple the level of Latin America and that of low-income countries, respectively, the article said.

You should read it, it's a very interesting article. It is in French, published by Le Nouvelliste.

CAM Money Transfer - Haiti

The article is right about one thing... Remittances from diasporas do contribute to the well-being of the person receiving it but we can't say the same for the sender can we?

Did you know about this report called the World Happiness Report?

Wouldn't you love to know the secrets from the happiest people on Earth?

Read this...

Richer people are happier than poorer people on average, but wealth is only one factor in overall happiness. The same goes for countries, where factors like personal freedom, lack of corruption, and social support are more important.

Unemployment obviously reduces happiness, but not because of what you may think.

It's not the loss of income, but the loss of things like self-esteem and workplace social life that lead to a drop in happiness.

High unemployment rates can trigger unhappiness even in the employed, who suddenly become fearful of losing their jobs. Even low-quality jobs yield more satisfaction than being unemployed.

Read the ultra-abridged version of the world happiness reports . Or check out the whole report (PDF).

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