TRIPOTAY Sou FACEBOOK... Why Haitians Love Social Media... LOL...

Just for Laughs -- You know, I keep asking myself why do people, especially Haitians, spend so much time on sites like Facebook. I think I know... TRIPOTAY... that's why!

Facebook se kote Haitien fè Tripotay... Zen... Landjèzzz... LOL

Question: Do you or someone you know spend ALL of their time on Facebook looking at nothing but photos and reading foolish things others have to say?

Social media sites like Facebook allows us Haitians to gossip on each other in the comfort of our homes without the person or anyone they know being there...

Unless you happen to post a comment on the topic or photo you ace gossiping on , the world will never know.

M'ap fe blag, men se bagay serye wi m'ap pale laaaa... LOL

Mwen chita m'ap observe de medam ki chita sou Facebook tout lajounen. Yon pa janm di-m menm yon fwa, ki nouvel yo li, oswa ki bagay serye yo we sou Facebook, ni ki bagay enpotan yon fek appran...

Yo gade yon foto, yon fe TRIPOTAY sou sa... Yo poste yon foto epi 25 jenn gason komanse di jan yo bel... epi, sa-w tande-a yon komanse: "O... O... Ou pa we kisa Jojo di? He Heyyyyy..."

Se pa de tripotay kon ki ap fet fou Facebook... Ou konnen... Ou ladan'l tou... LOL

Question: Personally, what do you get out of the Social Media TRIPOTAY network ? Be honest...

Reply with your comments.

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Me says...

In actuality we all in some way or form gossip, especially on fb, however, i personally mostly use fb for connecting with friends.

I also use it announce events and to inform

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Boniface Zebo says...

tout joune, cheri kijanw ye, epi ou connin, cheri ou met bipew m, relem, ou pa dim anyen, manvi tandew: the most gimick haitian of my country, j'aime le tripotay ou plus

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