Thomassique Haiti - ALL Hospital Solar Panels Stolen

We have just been informed that ALL the solar panel at the Thomassique Haiti Hospital were stolen earlier this week... According to a resident of Thomassique, 15 to 20 Solar panels were stolen, panels that the hospital uses to power up the critical equipments...

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KREYOL: Thomassique Haiti - Volè rantre nan lopital Thomassique la, yo volè TOUT panneau solaire yo, dapre yon sitwayen nan zonn la, volè pati ak 15 a 20 panneau solaire... Yo te pran 8 semèn pase a, yo retounen winn pran rès yo semèn saa... Kisa-w panse de sa?

According to the Thomassique resident, eight (8) solar panels were stolen the week before... The vandals came back and stole all the remain solar panels... Now the hospital is in the dark.

What do you think about that?

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Rigot says...

They haven't been secured, Haiti specially Thomassique extremely poor for you to come instal solar panel just like that not monitoring them, what were you expecting?

Even in the USA they wouldn't survive please don't make it a big deal if you want to ask for help just come

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Nady Mel says...

I think it's an inside job, why were their not secured and being monitored?

Its because they know that the panels will be replaced by

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