There is A Haitian on American Idol!

There is A Haitian on American Idol... It's all over the news, her name is Joanne Borgella... Show your support...

PHOTO: Joanne Borgella - First Haitian American Idol
PHOTO: Joanne Borgella - First Haitian American Idol

We need to make noise and give her some support!

A young Haitian girl is on her way to Hollywood. Yes my friend Joanne Borgella represents Haiti in a big way on the hit TV show American Idol

I am always seeking good news to share with you and this is wonderful news.

Lately Haiti has been getting a lot of good press and the
young Haitian Americans, they are loaded with Self confidence,
they have High Self esteem, and they are hungry for success.

Aint no stopping us now!

Yap pale! N'ap travay!
N'ap pouse pou pi devan!

Now Haitians have a good reason to tune in and watch American Idol
on Fox Network, Tuesdays & Wednesdays at 8:00PM

Did you know that she is the daughter of a Haiti presidential Candidate?

Haitian American Idol Fan Site:

Of cource Simon Cowell said "I don't mean to be rude, but NO"
but both Paula Abdul and Randy Jackson siad "yes Baby!"

Joanne Borgella is going to Hollywood.

Joanne, Listen honey, I want you to go all the way.
and when they crown you the next American Idol
I want you to bring out the Haitian flag just like Wyclef did.

Like Makandal says... Pursue Your Haitian Passion
Yes You Can! Yes You Can!

To honor Joanne Borgella and all the Haitian fans of American Idol I've decided to create a fan site for Joanne Borgella

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Yves St Pierre says...

oh .I wish you a good way .do the best you can. to be there.

don't let anyone tell you somethhing make you back up.keep forward.move for your dream.

I 'm very happy .anytime you can give me a TV interview for people in Cambridge Ma.

I will be

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Richard M Joseph Iii says...


It was about time that one of us shows up, well, made it to "American Idol," someone else besides the big time true Haitian-Wyclef Jean-in the music industry.

I was unaware that Ms. Joanne Borgella is the daughter of a Haiti presidential candidate.

Now, that's even better.

Hip hip hurray! for her. She gets all my support.

Sing like you've never sung before.

Keep up the good work.

Richard III,
waving in

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