The Muddiest Roads in Haiti - Pignon Haiti is a Muddy Mess and Politicians are talking CRAP

Haitians are living in the MUD everywhere in Haiti while Politicians are rolling in their Toyota Land Cruiser Prado and dining in the finest restaurants in the Capital... Look at the condition of the road in a deuxième section communale de La Belle-Mère, in Pignon, Northern Haiti...

PHOTO: Haiti Muddy Roads - Pignon, Section communale de La Belle-Mère

KREYOL: Haitien frè m yo... Gade eta yon route nan nan yon peyi pandan politicien ap woule bel Toyota Land Cruiser Prado yo, y ap pale tout vye koze eksepte sa k ap itil peyi a... Pandan se tan, sitwayen andeyò yo riske pran MALARIA, DYARE, la Fièvre Typhoïde, PIKAN anba Pye, nan route pou y al lakay yo... Ou wè lobey? Kisa ou panse de sa???

An article posted by Joram Moncher on the Facebook group Club des journalistes du Plateau-Central (CJPC) reads:

Road and sanitation : an ordeal in Pignon

The plight of the inhabitants of the second communal section of La Belle-Mere, town of Pignon, continues because of sanitation problems that cause difficulties for the movement of motorists, pedestrians and a resurgence of cases of typhoid and diarrhea.

Out of all the communal sections depending on the town of Pignon, La Belle-Mere is the section that now poses more problems in terms of hygiene and sanitation, the consequences of uncontrolled urbanization.

Since the approach of the rainy and hurricane season, many residents of this section complained about the poor condition of roads, with all the inconveniences they they are facing in order to get around.

Because of the large sanitation problems in the city especially in the section of La Belle-Mere, many streets in the city, remain for flooded for hours by runoff rain water, making driving difficult, especially for motorcycles and pedestrians often splashed by motorists.

These people complain the mayor and the Ministry of Public Works (MTPTC) have done nothing to improve their living condition.

A candidate for CASEC (Board of Communal Section), complains the municipality and MTPTC make no efforts to clean up the city, especially in rainy periods where traffic is virtually impossible in some neighborhoods...

A student complains, during the rainy season, after the smallest rain, you have trouble leaving home to go to school...

Year after year in Haiti, the biggest topic is Politics and Elections... Million of dollars are spent to elect these politicians to office BUT Let's be HONEST here...

These people are elected to do WHAT exactly???

What do you think about that?

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Subject: The Muddiest Roads in Haiti - Pignon Haiti is a Muddy Mess and Politicians are talking CRAP edit

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