The Media, Back In Haiti For 6-Month Earthquake Anniversary

Next Tuesday, July 12, will mark the six-month anniversary of the Haiti earthquake and many of the major news networks who covered the Haiti earthquake are sending their reporters back to Haiti for another live broadcast.

CNN's Anderson Cooper and Dr. Sanjay Gupta, will return to Haiti for a live broadcast Monday and Tuesday.

It's been six months... How is Haiti doing?

ABC, NBC, and BBC America will also be in Haiti for the six-month earthquake anniversary.

CNN is not the only news network returning to Haiti in the next few days, many more news networks are expected back in Haiti to bring the tragedy back in the forefront and shed some light on the Haiti earthquake recovery process.

"CNN AC 360 / Anderson Copper 360" Airs Live From Haiti!

We have to admit that CNN was a major player in letting the world know about Haiti's greatest tragedy.

I remember vividly seeing Anderson Cooper dropping his camera and running with a little boy covered in blood...

Or... Dr Sanjay Gupta treating a little baby boy in the streets, performing brain surgery on the USS Comfort, and looking after our brothers and sisters for an entire night, by himself, when other thought it was too unsafe.

I cannot believe it's been six months already...

CNN's Gary Tuchman and Ivan Watson will also join Anderson and Sanjay for this two day revisit.

The show "Anderson Cooper 360" will air live from Haiti Monday July 11 and Tuesday July 12.

ABC Start It's Broadcast Tonight on "World News"

ABC's David Muir will also return to Haiti for ABC World News. their Haiti series called "World News Returns to Haiti" start tonight and will continue until July 12. Check your local listings.

NBC Nightly News will be in Haiti

NBC News Chief Science and Health Correspondent Bob Bazell flew to haiti today and he will be reporting for "NBC Nightly News" on the earthquake six-month anniversary.

BBC America will report from Haiti Monday

Matt Frei, BBC's Washington, D.C., correspondent and the presenter of BBC World News America will air a special edition of BBC World News America from Haiti.

Matt will be joined by Matthew Price, the New York correspondent for the BBC for this special event.

As time goes by, for the past six months, it seems the world has forgotten about the darkest day in Haiti's history. It is an amazing gesture on the part of the world news media to talk about it once again.

What do you think about this?

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Ericka says...

god bless Anderson cooper (even though hez gay),and doctor sanjay
they are wonderful

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Barbara says...

It doesn't get any better than Anderson Cooper giving voice to the problems that still beset Haiti after the quake.

I don't have television but hope to catch it on the internet.

Thanks for the' heads

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