The Language of the Soul :: Carmel S. Victor

Like a ship without a sail

Like a candle without a whisk
Like a child without guidance
So would be my soul without poetry
-Carmel S. Victor-

I have been thinking poetry from as far as I can remember.

As a little girl, I was always receptive to everything around me.

My inspiration came from just about everywhere; From looking at the trees to watching people interact with one another.

Most importantly, I was very receptive to my interaction with my old-fashioned parents and that inspired me to find new and healthy ways to express myself.

When I couldn't tell them how I felt, I would find a quiet place in the house where I would go to release my thoughts onto paper with the help of a pen.

I was learning a new language that I spoke when I was happy, sad, angry and all of the above; It was a language that I utilized as a positive communication tool; A language that was there when I needed it; A language that I trusted as it allowed me to interact with the world around me in my own special way.

Finally, a language that would one day become a legacy for future generations through my writing.

My first novel "Facing Our Skeletons" is not poetry but it is inspirational and reflects real life situations that many have identified with.

It speaks a language which many will continue to identify with.

Though I have been writing poetry for ever, writing Every Day Again: Real Life Through Poetry and Short Stories was a delightful experience for me.

It allowed me to display life in general as I see it, in a language I have come to know as the language of the soul.

Carmel S. Victor
Author of Facing Our Skeletons and Every Day Again

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