The Haitian 'Zoreille Bourique' vs The American 'Green Back'

Why does the American Dollar keep going up and up in in Haiti with no sign of slowing down?

The US Dollar, Some Haitians Call it 'Caesar'

A couple of days ago, I was talking to a friend of mine. we were taking about what possible business we could start in Haiti. In the conversation, he told me that the American Dollar vs Haitian Dollar is 460% and getting very close to 500%.

I was about to tell you that I cannot explain it; however, my cousin just called me and shed some light in it. Perhaps it may make sense to you.

The reason the American Dollar is worth so much in Haiti is because WE IMPORT EVERTHING and EXPORT NOTHING.

Everything that we consume comes from the United States, and guess what, there is absolutely nothing being exported out of Haiti.

My cousin explained to me that people are taking the American dollar out of Haiti and putting it in the bank elsewhere. so the little bit that's left, everyone is hunting for it.

It's basic economics, if the demand is high and the supply is low, then prices go up. There you have it, this is why the American Dollar is so high in Haiti.

It is most likely to go up unless our beloved government literally REWRITES the Economics of Haiti.

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Subject: The Haitian 'Zoreille Bourique' vs The American 'Green Back' edit

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