The Haitian economy ends the year 2017 with a failing grade

Haiti Economics -- In a text published by Le Nouvelliste, Economist Thomas Lalime presented a balance sheet of the national economy. The Haitian economy got a failing grade...

The Haitian Economy

The economist pointed out the sluggish growth of Haiti's gross domestic product (GDP), 1% for the fiscal year 2016-2017, while Haiti needs a 7% growth rate to get out of the mud hole she is stuck in.

In his text, Lalime continues: "A budget deficit of 1.9 billion gourdes as of 30 September 2017 is reported by the BRH.

What is worse, on the same date, the monetary financing amounted to 6.6 billion gourdes. As of December 14, 2017, the monetary financing has risen to 4.05 billion gourdes, even before the end of the year government spending.

Read the full editorial, in French, by Frantz Duval (Le Nouvelliste)

Unfortunately, the editorial did not provide the link to the article in question.

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