The different types of insurance and which one is best for you

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"We Become What We Think About Most Of The Time"
by: Woodring Saint Preux
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July 24th, 2005
Yap Pale, Nap travay!

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How you doing today?

The purpose of "FOUYE" was not only to tell you about Haiti.

The real purpose of "FOUYE" is to gather information that
the Haitian community needs.

I am gathering some information about insurance and I invite
you to take a look

Our Research on Insurance is here:

As I get more curious about different types of information
you will be more informed about it.

I will "FOUYE" the web, and Books, for you so you can be
informed about various topics.

For example, I just purchased 6 books on mortgages and 4
books on credit repair. I will read them, compare them and I
will tell you what I discovered.

The idea is to help you get smart about a topic without
having to spend hours of research or buying books on the

One subject I am researching right now is the subject of
life insurance.

Our Research on Insurance is here:

I made a discovery that there's a difference between life
insurance and something else called an annuity.

So instead of telling you all about it here I invite you to
visit this new web site and find out what the difference is
between the two.

I assure you they are opposites of each other and you need
them both.

Did you know that winning the lottery and not collecting it
in one lump sum is a form of annuity?

Our Research on Insurance is here:

In that site also you will have links to every official web
site to the department of insurance of the state where you

I am also looking into car insurance, health insurance, long
term care insurance, short term Disability insurance, small
business insurance, you name it.

The difference between the sites that I create for you and
searching the internet yourself is that on my websites the
research has already been done.

All you have to do is enjoy the hours I spent to gather the
information for you.

I certainly hope you do that, otherwise I did it in vain.

Our Research on Insurance is here:

As I do the research on insurance, I'm realizing how
important it is to be informed about life insurance,
annuities, the various types, and which one is best for you

The good news is I am not trying to sell you anything. I'm
only here to inform you and help you make a better decision
when the time comes.

There are millions of Haitians living in United States so I
am trying to create a resource center not just for you but
for everyone else who may be interested

Our Research on Insurance is here:

I encourage you to take a minute to go to this website and
discover what I have already discovered for you.

The subject of insurance is a very important topic because
it deals with your money and what happens after retire or
what happens to your kids if you should die too soon

Additionally you will find links to other resources that is
specifically related to the topic that you're reading.

Our Research on Insurance is here:

So take a minute and go through it and if you have any
questions I strongly suggest that you speak to an expert in
your local area.

Also because this is such a wonderful topic I do ask that
you pass this information to family and friends who may need

Insurance is something you wish you had when accidents
happen. Take a minute to understand it a little bit more.

Our Research on Insurance is here:

Woodring Saint Preux
Fouye Networks

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