The battle of Savannah: Haitians did not only come to the U.S. under the bridge of Texas, we've been here before, Ambassador Brocchit Edmond said

While paying tribute to the Haitian Heroes of the Battle of Savannah Georgia, Haitian ambassador Brocchit Edmond insinuated that Haitians have been a part of U.S. history even before we were a nation.

Del Rio Texas: White man on a horse gathering black Haitians like slaves - You probably thought it was a slave movie

We signed our names in U.S. history when we helped the Americans during the siege of Savannah, the second Battle of Savannah during the American Revolutionary War, in 1779, against the British.

Ambassador Brocchit paid tribute to Daniel Fils-Aime, the founder and chairman of the Haitian American Historical Society (HAHS) who helped build the great Haitian monument in Savannah Georgia.

"At the time he was doing that, he stopped in Washington as well. I remember. I was Ambassador at the OAS and we had a discussion," Brocchit said.

"It was very enlightening and refreshing to see someone wanted to leave something behind as a legacy for the kids. I do hope a lot of Haitian-Americans there will take the opportunity or they will consider this monument as a kind of Mecca."

"This is a place any Haitian-American has to come to visit because this is part of our history and our contribution to this great nation here in the United States of America."

"When I look at this Monument, two things come to my mind:"

"The first one:"

"This Monument reminds us of a group of black men from a colony that was going to be Haiti that came here to fight alongside the federal troops fighting against British colonialists."

"One thing that came to my mind we can all see that we did not only come when they are showing us under the bridge, but we came here already."

"We came here before. We came do to help this country."

"We came to help this country win its independence."

"We came here before and we came here from September 16th to October 18th, 1779, to fight alongside the federal American troops."

"So we did not come only when we came at the Border of Texas and Mexico under the bridge. We came before meaning that our brothers and sisters, they should not have been treated that way."

"If there was a sense of History, they should have known that our brothers and sisters should have been treated better."

"All migrants should be treated with dignity and respect."

"As an ambassador, I'm not against a country applying its laws. But while applying these laws, at the same time, there's a moral obligation to respect the dignity of any human being."

I thought that was the second thing but Ambassador was not finished.

"The second thing that came to my mind when I look on this Monument:"

I saw that little boy with the drums. That little boy became the first king of the new nation, King Henry of Haiti."

"Henri Christophe who became the king Builder, King Henri Christophe who built what we know today as the Citadel. He showed what we as Haitians we can do."

"This what I got from this is, that you can be beatting the drums at a fight today and tomorrow you can become king."

"This is my message to the young Haitian kids kids who found themselves under the bridge in Texas recently."

"Today you are kids. You arrived in this country. If you are given the chance to stay, you may have come as a little kid under a bridge but tomorrow you can become Senator. You can become a Deputy (State Representative). You can become whatever you want in this country."

Ambassador Edmond Brocchit came to represent the Haitian Embassy in Washington DC for the commemoration of the 14th anniversary of the monument of the Haitian heroes of the Battle of Savannah.

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Sonia says...

Thank you, that's good to know. Now lets respect ourselves and come back the right way. We should not be coming back like thieve in the night.

Respect yourself.

Do the right

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Subject: The battle of Savannah: Haitians did not only come to the U.S. under the bridge of Texas, we've been here before, Ambassador Brocchit Edmond said edit

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