Textile Companies Want to Invest in Haiti BUT...

Before the Haiti earthquake there were about 25,000 people employed in the textile industry. The earthquake definitely disrupted that industry but American apparel companies are still interested in investing in Haiti.

Expert say that, If U.S. companies begin manufacturing in Haiti, that could mean 100,000 jobs for Haiti.

Watch this video report from Voice of America

You can read "American Apparel Companies Interested in Investing in Haiti" for for more info.

As the video said, In 2008, the U.S. Congress passed a law, commonly known as Hope II, granting duty-free access for Haitian textiles. Manufactures are a bit reluctant to invest in Haiti for the long term for two reason it seams

1 - Current legislation, including The Caribbean Basin Initiative, is short term and the volume of goods allowed into the U.S. is too low.

2 - According to the article, many of the potential investors fear Haiti is not stable enough for business.

If we want industry in Haiti, I guess it us up to us and our government to make foreign investors feel comfortable enough to invest in Haiti.

Their investments means more jobs.

I often hear complaints about the minimum wage in Haiti. In my opinion, we should do our best to bring enough jobs in Haiti first, let's get more and more people working, then we worry about the minimum wage.

What do you think?

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Dominique Girault says...

I like the idea I would like to have more

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Josy says...

I do not have a problem with factories doing business in Haiti.

We need to work hard, and improve our agriculture.

I just read an article, and it claimed that scientists discovered eating mangos can help fight cancer.

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Bernadette S. says...

If we could surmount the security issue in order to gain the investors trust, we should welcome the factory jobs as they create a form of economic stability and revenue for the people.

$6.00 a day is still better than $0.00 a day. As they gained seniority and experience, Haitians will be in a better position to ask for more money and benefits.The Chinese are new comers, hopefully they will not acquire bad habits from the past...Factory work in general is not a money-making career but it beats unemployment.

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