Temptation is God's way of playing with us

The world works in a mysterious and funny kind of way. I decide that I want to lose some weight and something very funny happened. Read this and laugh.

PHOTO: Haiti - Bon Manje Kreyol
PHOTO: Haiti - Bon Manje Kreyol

About a week ago I made the decision to consume only healthy food and restrict myself to 1500 calories per day in order to loose a few extra pounds. Ok, a lot of extra pounds lol...

I am doing fine.

So far so good. Weight is going down. I am very happy.

One day, I am working late and I am well below my daily calorie intake. Tired and all, I decided to stop at Dunkin Donuts to buy one cup of coffee.

That's it, just one cup of coffee.

"Will there be anything else?" The man asked me.

No sir! I replied. Just just one cup of medium coffee.

"Would you mind taking anything else home free of charge?" The Dunkin Donuts employee said.

Say What?

"I am about to close. Some donuts perhaps."

For real?


The man grabbed a bag and placed at least eight or nine Donuts in it and handed it to me. Free of charge.

Three of these Donuts did not make it home that night. They got lost deep inside my stomach which was already full of good nutritious food.

Life is funny. Whenever you crave and want donuts you have to pay for them But when you want to lose weight and you want to stay away from the darn donuts, all of a sudden, the world wants to hand it to you for free.

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Judith R says...

Lol I eat anything I wan. I'm very happy to see you back

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Maurius Mireus says...

that's the way it

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