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VIDEO: First Bus Built in Haiti

WOW... That was the first word out of my mouth after watching the actual video of the First bus made in Haiti... A big transportation bus with air conditioning and everything... more »

Unlimited Internet Access in Haiti - Who do you Recommend?

Haiti Internet Access - DSL Speed Test - Natcom (Reduced Speed) I have been using Natcom for Internet access in Haiti but lately, I am beginning to wonder if there is something else out there... Is there such a thing as Unlimited Internet Access at an affordable price in Haiti? more »

Haiti Plans To Switch Over to Digital Broadcasting by 2015

Haiti Technology Did you know about a plan in Haiti to switch over to digital Television broadcasting in 2015? more »

Haiti Construction - Why put cement blocks in a concrete roof?

Cement Block Making In Haiti Kreyol - Mwen remake ke bos mason Haiti yo itilize blok 10, le yo ap koule beton sou do kay yo... Poukisa? Mwen pa we sa fet nan lot peyi. more »

Babay VOILA... Haiti's VOILA Mobile Network is No More...

Voila Haiti Cell Phone Company For everyone who enjoyed the services of Voilà Comcel as their Haitian mobile network of choice, I have some bad news... Voilà no longer exists... more »

One Laptop Per Child in Haiti... Is That Possible?

XO Laptops - One Laptop Per Child In Haiti You may have heard about the XO Laptop for Haitian School children or the One Laptop Per Child Program... We found a couple of videos with details... more »

Coming Soon: Cheap solar chargers for Haiti schools Laptops

Inexpensive solar-powered charger Design For Haiti Schools In Haiti, a laptop is just a door stopper unless you have electricity to recharge it. 11 students at the Chicago Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) want to change that.... more »

Computer Hackers Helping Haiti School Children?

Haiti Technology Here is a story you don't hear everyday... Computer hackers are famously known for breaching computer system but would you believe that HACKERS are helping Haiti? Here's the story... more »

Was there an earthquake aftershock in Haiti last night?

Twitter - haiti earthquake tweets Somebody screamed EARTHQUAKE on Twitter around 4:15am this morning... Was there an aftershock in Haiti? more »

Free Internet Access

5 Places to get FREE Internet Access more »