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Haiti Internet Service - NATCOM Parese Anpil nan Bay Sevis, yo Refize Banm Sevis, Poukisa?

PHOTO - Haiti Internet - Natcom Pa Vle Bay Sevis Haiti - Konpayi NATCOM parese anpil nan zafè bay moun sèvis... Kijan ou konprann bagay saa? NATCOM depanse yon paket lajan pou fe Fibre Optik rantre nan ville Hinche, epi yo derefize kouri fil andedan vil la pou bay nouvo kilyan yo sevis Internet nan kay, Fiber To The Home (FTTH)... more »

Haiti Energy : As Oil Prices Fall, Venezuela in Financial Trouble, What Happens to PetroCaribe?

Gas For Sale by The Gallon In Haiti Gas prices is falling everywhere but in Haiti, prices remain the same... Venezuela is having a tough time financially... PetroCaribe is "on life support," The Miami herald writes... What is the future for energy in Haiti? more »

Haiti Television - Analog to Digital TV Deadline 15 Jun 2015

PHOTO: Old Television Set - Remember Public Televisions in Haiti? Did you know? There is a 15 Jun 2015 Deadline for all Haiti Television broadcast to go Digital... How is this analog to digital going? Are the television stations ready? more »

Haiti Mobile - CONATEL orders DIGICEL to restore VoIP Services

Haiti - Digicel Block VOIP Viber Tango Nimbuzz etc... Good news for Haitian mobile phone uses... Haiti's Telecommunication regulator CONATEL has ordered mobile giant DIGICEL to restore all blocked Voice over IP (VoIP) apps like Tango, Skype, Viber, MagicJack etc and Immediately... more »

Haitians Start Online Petition against Digicel action to Block VoIP services like Viber, Tango and Nimbuzz

Haiti - Digicel Block VOIP Viber Tango Nimbuzz etc... Many Digicel Haiti mobile customers are upset over the company's decision to block Voice over IP (VoIP) trafic to services like Viber, Tango and Nimbuzz. One customer has started an online petition. Over 400 people have already signed the petition which spreading quicky via social media... more »

OOPS.... I dropped my laptop...

Trying to recover data from my damaged laptop hard drive Ever wonder what happens when you drop your laptop in a place where you cant just walk to Best Buy and purchase a new one? Hmmmm... Let me tell yon my story while I sit here and wait for my hard drive to copy... Hopefully I can recover my laptop... more »

My Laptop, My phone is OBSOLETE... But I just bought it...

Old Laptop, Old Phone - When Will My Gadget Become Obsolete? Do you have a piece of electronic equipment (phone, tablet, laptop, etc.) that is becoming obsolete in your hands? It looks brand new... You took great care of it... It works... But suddenly there is this one thing you want to do with it and you get this message: "Your device is not compatible with this software!" more »

Handxom - Another Android Tablet MADE IN HAITI

Handxom T-1 - Android Tablet MADE IN HAITI FLASH... Haiti has TWO (2) Android Tablet Manufacturers... I just found out about another Andoid Tablet MADE IN HAITI... It's the Handxom T-1, made by Handxom SA, another technology company in Haiti... The Surtab tablet manufacturer has a competitor... I say bring it baby!!! I want to see more high tech devices on the market with the logo MADE IN HAITI... more »

VIDEO Report: Android Tablet MADE IN HAITI rival the iPad mini...

Surtab - First Android Tablet MADE IN HAITI Watch this video report... A Haitian-based company that makes Android tablets that rival the iPad mini are finding success four years after the quake in Haiti... MADE in HAITI? Rival the iPad mini? How many times do you see these two things in the same sentence??? more »

SURTAB - First Andoid Tablet MADE IN HAITI

Surtab - First Android Tablet MADE IN HAITI Haiti Technology News -- Say Hello to SURTAB, The First Android Tablet MADE IN HAITI... Yes... MADE IN HAITI... with a bold mission: One Tablet per Haitian... Ohhhh... I'm so Excited right now! more »