Teamwork - Haitians do get along

I would like to take this time to thank each and everyone of you who found it in your heart to give a little to those in need back home.

This is not an easy time for us Haitians.

We are celebrating 200 Years of Independence and it seems that Mother Nature herself gave us a loud and clear message.

Ok! It was a dirty message!

But still, it was a wake up call!

If you participated in this effort or if you know what is going on in your community, please go to and let everyone else know what you and your community are doing.

They say Haitians can't get along... Who's "They"? was built to prove that "they" are wrong.

We do get along,

We do help each other.

It's just that we keep it to ourselves and we don't tell anyone.

If you don't tell anyone when you do something good then how will they know to thank you?

If you don't tell anyone when you do something kind, how will they know that you are really a great person?

Don't let others assume anything about you.

Assumptions are usually negative. Remember that!

Tell them who you are... Tell them "I am really a good person".

If you don't tell them, then they will assume, YES... they will make an "ASS" out of "U" and "ME".

Do you fit the profile?

They say Haitians don't get along so you play the part.

They say Haiti is a poor country so you play the part.

They say you are nothing so you play the part.

They say your kids will amount to nothing, so you allow your kids to play the part.


Here is one POSITIVE thing I now about my Haitian people:

When you have death in your family, they will put all "Hing Hangs" aside and they will help you.

You see, we only act like we don't get along.

This time, let's tell everyone what we are doing for our families, our friends, our neighbors, our brothers, our sisters.
This time let's make it everybody's business.

It's only those who will not do anything anyway what will call you a "DjòLè".

Don't let them stop you from feeling good about yourself for doing the right thing.

Don't let them stop you from spreading the message that you did something good today.

On the contrary, It's a message that those who are not doing need to hear.

Maybe they'll be embarrassed and they will do something good too!

Sometimes we see Haitian leaders competing with each other, and all they are really doing is trying to outdo each other's good deeds.

Our hearts is in the right place but we are not synchronized.

It's time, let's do it

I bet you, if we add up all the efforts of every little Haitian Community, Every little Haitian organization, every little Haitian group from around the world, we will quickly realize that...

YES, Lè Men ampil, Chay la pa lou ditou

So, what do you say?

Let's do it!

Woodring Saint Preux

PS... Go to and let the world know what you're doing for your Haitian brothers and sisters.

and to finish, I would like to leave you with this:

When geese fly in formation,
they travel about 70% faster
than when they fly alone.

Geese share leadership.

When the lead goose tires,
he (or she) rotates back into the "V"
and another flies forward
to become the leader.

Geese keep company with the fallen.

When a sick or weak goose
drops out of the flight formation,
at least one other goose
joins to help and protect.

By being part of a team,

we too can accomplish much more,
much faster.

Words of encouragement and support
help inspire and energize
those on the front lines,
helping them to keep pace
in spite of the day-to-day
pressures and fatigue.

showing compassion
and active caring for our fellow man
-- a member of the ultimate team:


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