They pay the bills

Please take a few minutes to read this because it is important to me, to you, and to everyone in the community.

Today, I've decided to speak on behalf of all Haitian Media Services.

If you want to support your Haitian Media Services, Stop calling them on the phone telling them "Good Job" because "Good Job" won't pay the bills.

Instead, why don't you do business with their sponsors. That's how you say "Good Job!"

And be sure to let the sponsor know why you are doing business with them.

"Mrs Sponsor... I am doing business with you because you advertise on...[your favorite show]"

That's how you show support.

" Mr Sponsor... I came to your party because I saw it on "

That's how you support me.

How would you feel if you were providing a service to your community and you have to constantly dig in your pocket to pay for it?

Let me tell you the truth today, It's not fun!

In plain English... IT SUCKS!

This is a problem and it is affecting you directly. It is affecting the quality of service you are getting in the Haitian Community.

Here is how it is supposed to work.

  • We [the media] serve you
  • You [the listener/reader/viewer] pay us very little or nothing at all.
  • You don't have to pay us, but there is something you MUST do.

You have to do business with our sponsors.


Because our sponsors provide the financial support we need to operate.

Our sponsors are not doing it because they love us so much and they have money to waste. They are doing it because they really want to do business with you the listener/reader.

If you don't support our sponsors, they won't support us, and in a matter of months, you will be complaining that your favorite website, or radio station, or TV station is off the air.

You will be thinking it's because Haitians never finish what they start when in reality it's your fault.

When you go out and get your services from someone who does not support your media, you are throwing your money away and you are getting nothing in return.

If your favorite doctor does not support your favorite radio show, then you are just his favorite patient, he is NOT your favorite doctor.

When Americans fail to "Buy American", America goes in to a recession. That means YOU loose your jobs and your buying power.

When you fail to buy from "Our sponsors" we go into a recession and you loose your favorite Radio program, TV program, and yes even your favorite websites.

The good news is, if I don't get your support, I will be forced provide my services to another community, but that's not what I want to do.

I want to be your humble servant; my passion is to serve you.

You need to understand that and support us by doing business ONLY with those who support us or by encouraging those you do business with to advertise in the Haitian Media.

It's simple really!

Scratch my back and I will scratch your back!

So before you spend your next $20.00 on a Haitian Event Ticket. make sure they 10 cents of is being spent to support your favorite website.

The money is in your pocket, you can control it even AFTER your spend it. you need to know that as a consumer.

Have a nice weekend

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Topic says...

Thank you for sending me this

I Hope that everyone in the Haitian community receives this message and think hard about it the same way I am. What you said was obvious, but sometime one does not think about it. I am glad that you bring it to our conciousness.

Again, I hope that everyone can understand that and take action to better our community.

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