Teach Your Haitian Kids About Money

When I was growing up in Hinche, Haiti, 10 cents (2 US pennies) was a lot of money.

Oh! Yes,

To a haitian kid in those days, even to most adults, 10 cents (2 pennies) was a lot of money.

Nowadays, everything in Haiti is "an US" (in US DOllars) and I hear that everything is so expensive. I can still remember what I was able to buy with "10 Kòb" and I am not that old.

  • 2 mant
  • 2 bonbon siro
  • 2 tablet pistach
  • 2 acra
  • doukounou
  • labapin
  • pistash grie
  • 1 bout kan-n

As for my mother, she always sent me to the store to buy...

  • 10 Kòb bè
  • 10 kob pat tomat

That was only back around in 1986... Those days are gone now!

While I cannot tell you how to raise your kids, I would like you to teach them about money.

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