Taxi Moto in Haiti: Not the safest but definitely the most efficient way to get around in Haiti

Foreigners and tourists in Haiti are opting for taxi-motos as the means to get around in the busy streets of Port-au-Prince and in remote areas where public transportation is scarce.

Taxi Moto - Motorcyle Taxi - Gonaives Haiti

I was listening to a little documentary made by a foreigner on a business trip to Haiti and he mentioned that some of the video footage was shot from the back of Motorcycle taxi in Haiti.

It is not the the safest way to travel, the man said, but it is definitely the most efficient because, as he puts it, traffic in Port-au-Prince moves on average at about TWO miles per hour.

Taxi moto in Haiti get a lot of bad rap... but hey... Some people just want to get there in time... You know what I mean?.

Another foreigner living in Haiti wrote an entire blog article about all the reasons she loves and prefers the taxi-moto to get around in Haiti.

Beside confirming once again that traffic really sucks in Haiti, she says the taxi-moto take you right where you want to go. Instead of taptaps that go on certain streets and routes only, the moto takes you straight to your destination.

Whenever I go to Haiti for Carnival I always use a taxi moto to get around. They will pick you up anywhere outside the 'parcours' of the carnival and they will get you to your hotel/destination in the shortest way possible.

QUESTION: Have you ever been on a taxi moto in Haiti? What is your opinion about them.

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Jwag says...

I haven't been to Haiti in a few years but I never rode the Taxi Moto. It does sound like fun and I will try

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