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Be carefull when refilling your 5 gallon water bottles, especially in Haiti

Haiti Water Solutions -  Safe Drinking Water True story... I went to a water bottle refilling station to purchase my clean drinking water. It wasn't until after the bottle was filled that I realized there was a foreign material inside the bottle. more »

Major water scarcity in Metropolitan Port-au-Prince Haiti following gas price hike street protests

Water Treatment in Haiti - Reverse Osmosis Many Haitian citizens in the Port-au-Prince metropolitan area are complaining about a lack potable water in their neighborhoods after the gas price hike riots that paralyzed the capital so much, water delivery was a non existant. more »

IDB to invest US $65 million in Haiti to improve potable water and sanitation services

Access to drinking water in Haiti Haiti will improve the provision of potable water and sanitation services in the metropolitan area of Port-au-Prince and rural areas (particularly affected by Hurricane Matthew) thanks to a US $ 65 million grant from the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB). more »

Water in Haiti - Clean fresh water going to waste while others do not have it

Haiti Water Sanitation - Clean Running Water in Haiti While many people in Haiti wish thay had clean and fresh running water in their homes, in many parts of the country, that water goes to waste when they do get it. more »

Does Water go Bad? How do I Disinfect Water?

The last time I tried to bath with water that was sitting too long in a water tank, I had crazy itches... So this time I am being careful. more »