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Haiti received 1.9 Billion Dollars from the Diaspora in 2014

USA Money dollar bill Can you believe this? Haitians in the diaspora sent a whopping 1.9 BILLION dollars in money transfers to their family and friends living in Haiti in the year 2014... That's not counting money sent in the pockets of Haitians traveling back to Haiti... more »

Haitien an mande-m 50 goud, mwen gen problem 500 dola, kob mwen pa kont, kisa pou-m fe?

Banm poze-w yon keksyon: Si yon moun vini kote-w li mande-w pou w fè-l kado 50 goud pandan ke ou menm, ou genyen problem 500 dola americain pa-w ke wap jere epi kob ou pa kont, eske w-ap bay li??? Eske ou mechan, eske ou malonèt si ou di NON??? more »

Haiti Money - 50 Gourdes for 1 US Dollar, Coming soon...

One upon a time, you needed 5 Haitian gourdes for 1 U.S. dollar... Not anymore... Nowadays, the exchange rate for one U.S. Dollar is 48.74 gourdes. If you want to buy this hard to find green back, you need 49 Haitian gourdes. Soon you may need 50 gourdes. more »

Haiti Ekonomi - Anpil moun ap plenyen LAJAN pa SIKILE nan peyi a...

1 Gourde - Haitian Paper Money Genyen anpil Haitien nan peyi d'Haiti ki ap plenyen LAJAN pa SIKILE nan peyi a... Tout kote ou pase se preske menm pawol la, lajan rete kote li ye a, li pa pase de men nan men, li pa bouje, sa ki lakòz anpil moun razè nan peyi a... more »

In Haiti, Saying NO means you are Cheap - Have you added NO to your Vocabulary Yet?

1 Gourde - Haitian Paper Money Saying NO is a big "No No" in the Haitian community... So big that to say NO to a Haitian person is to "Fè li Malonèt..." (to insult him.) When it comes to money matters, "NO" is the most difficult answer for a Haitian brother or sister to give. Many Haitians, especially in the diaspora, are so uncomfortable to say NO that they give away all their life savings because they have a long list of family members and friends back home with financial needs.... To say NO almost feels inhuman... How does a person like that save money? more »

Are all the BANK FEES Raising your Blood Pressure?

When was the last time you checked your Bank statement? Are you aware of all the FEES you're being charged? Haitian-Americans are loosing lots of money in bank fees and overdraft fees... I was told once of a bank in Little Haiti, Florida, that makes more money from overdraft fees than anything else... more »

Haitian shoppers, are you spending more or less these days?

Pennies, Nickels, Dimes, And Quarters I am reading in the news the shoppers around that world are curbing their spending. How are my Haitian shoppers doing? Are you spending more or less these days? more »

Are You Embarrassed When You Have To Pay With Nickels and Dimes?

Pennies, Nickels, Dimes, And Quarters Why do people look at you funny when you pay with Nickels and Dimes? --- True Story... The other day, I went to a Haitian restaurant to buy me some Diri ak Legumes. When the waitress hand me the food and said "$8.50 Cherie," that's when I realized... more »