You are addicted to debt and you don't even realize it

If you are living paycheck to paycheck, if you do not set a budget for yourself, If all you do with your money is pay credit card debts, then my friend these are all signs of debt addiction.

What Is Debt Addiction?

Chances are you are addicted to debt without even knowing that you are.

Read this carefully, there's something I have to tell you.

Growing up in a country that has nothing, sometimes you come to the land of opportunity and you find yourself addicted to debt, addicted to buying unnecessary things on credit.

Debt addiction is your personal financial demon?

In Haiti where I grew up, virtually everything you need, you got to have the money first before you can buy it.

That's one of the reasons many people in Haiti have less. It's because credit is almost non-existent.

Correction, credit is non-resistant in Haiti.

Because people cannot buy on credit in Haiti, they tend to have more of what they need and less of what they want.

But is that a good thing or a bad thing?

Humans are so programmed to go after what they want even if they can's afford it.

Take that person who was deprived of credit and bring him to America, the land of opportunity, he or she wants the world even if it means spending your lifetime paying for it.

What does it mean to be addicted to debt?

When you suffer from debt addiction, believe me, it is more than just going crazy shopping for things you don't need, it's more than that. When you are addicted to debt you use debt to try to solve all your problems in life, financial, personal or whatever. And worse, you don't even have a plan to get out of debt or to live differently.

Let me tell you something:

You cannot enjoy life if you are addicted to debt, if you are addicted to consumption and the use of credit.

I read this in the book "The Millionaire Mind."

I love these words so much that I wanted to share them as sound advice for my fellow Haitian-Americans in the Diaspora, and you reading this right now if you are not Haitian.

It makes perfect sense, doesn't it?

If you are borrowing to make money that's good. But if you are constantly borrowing to consume, you need to stop and smell the coffee.

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