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Did you know about the Haitian Aerial Reforestation Project (HARP)?

How Areal Reforestation Works I was doing a little search on the web bout aerial reforestation seed bombing and I accidentally found out about the Haitian Aerial Reforestation Project (HARP). Reforesting Haiti is possible and we don't have to go around hand planting our forests... more »

Haiti Reforestation - The Mormons Are Planting Trees In Haiti... Wow...

Haitian Mormons Planting Trees In Haiti How often do you read stories like this... The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints celebrated 30 years in Haiti by planting thousands of trees across the country. more »

Haitians Will Plant 1.2 Million Trees Today, May 1 2013

Haiti President Michel Martelly Planting a Tree There is a BIG event happening in Haiti today... 1.2 million trees will be planted in a single day, May 1 2013. more »

A Greener Haiti by 2016 - Bold New Haiti Reforestation Plan

Deforestation in Haiti - View from the Air Haiti - Environment - Starting May 1st 2013, the Haitian government will begin a campaign to plant millions of trees in Haiti with a 50 year plan to take Haiti's forest coverage from a deadly 2% all the way up to 29% where Cuba stands right now. more »

Earth Week - Haiti is Dying

Deforestation in Haiti - View from the Air This week is earth week. This is the perfect time to bring up the topic of Deforestation, a sad chapter facing our homeland, Haiti Cherie. more »