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Do you ever buy things you don't really need? Thank God for eBay Auctions!

How many times do you see something you think you might need or you might have a use for except, you buy it, it just sits there depreciating in value and you never use it? more »

Haiti Diaspora, Back To School: Parents who shop online for supplies save more than in Stores

PHOTO: School Supplies Aisle - Back To School Have you heard? When it comes to back to school supplies Amazon beat out two if its biggest competitors, Walmart and Target... It seems parents in the diaspora would save more money if they were to shop for back to school supplies online than in the stores... Question: How many Haitians parents actually shop online? more »

How to shop online without using a credit card

Pennies, Nickels, Dimes, And Quarters Many Haitians are afraid to make online purchages. One of the main reasons is because they don't want to give their credit card number to some website that they don't know. more »

The Haitian Internet People

Hell, there are no rules here! We're trying to accomplish something! more »