Muhammad Ali

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Muhammad Ali once met Haiti President Rene Preval and gave him this Advice

Muhammad Ali and President Rene Preval Rene Preval once met with Muhammad Ali and learned from him a very important lesson he later shared with Senator Joseph Lambert. Senator Lambert tells the story: more »

Muhammad Ali Te Suporte Haiti nan moman Goudougoudou a, Nou di li MESI pou sa

Hommage a Muhammad Ali... Nan Moman Haiti te nan soufrans li, apre goudougoudou 12 Janvier a, gran boxer Muhammad Ali te reponn prezan malgre maladi li tap soufri... An nou tout Haitien di li mesi pousa... more »

Fe Djole (Bragging) Is OK If You Do It Right

Bragging - Fè Djòlè (Haitian Creole) The average Haitian person cannot stand a "Djolè" (A Bragger). I mean if you like to brag, they may NOT say anything in front of you, but wait until you leave... If only you left a tape recorder behind... more »

I Don't Speak French, Woodring Speaks Out

This is an extract from Carl's Corner by Mr. Carl Fombrun more »