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Haitian shoppers, are you spending more or less these days?

Pennies, Nickels, Dimes, And Quarters I am reading in the news the shoppers around that world are curbing their spending. How are my Haitian shoppers doing? Are you spending more or less these days? more »

Haiti MONEY - Why Everything in Haiti cost 5 Gourdes or 5 Gourdes increments

Haitian Currency - Haitian Money - 1 Gourde I asked an average Haitian living in Haiti: "Why does everything on the market cost "5 gourdes, 10 gourdes, 25 gourdes, 50 gourdes, 100 gourdes? OR WORSE... 100 DOLA... " His answer will shock you! more »

Problem Economique Mondial La... How you doing in this BAD Economy?

Currency: Haitian Gourde, US Dollar, Domincan Peso The economy is BAD isn't it? Here... There... Everywhere... Yesterday, I was talking to a Haitian friend of mine while in Santo Domingo and he started to tell me how bad his business is doing here in the Dominican Republic. "Se yon problem economique mondial wi," he tells me... more »

Haitian Currency: GOUD vs DOLA There's a real Money Problem in Haiti!

Haitian Currency - Haitian Money - 100 Gourdes When I look at the Haitian currency, it says "GOURDE", but since returning to Haiti I notice that Haitians refuse to talk count money in gourdes... Everything is DOLA... DOLA... Mezanmi... Haitien fè dola? more »

Haitian Money - Why has the Haitian currency depreciated so much in value?

Currency: Haitian Gourde, US Dollar, Domincan Peso Haitian Currency, the gourde, has lost a lot of its value over the years. Why has the Haitian currency depreciated so much in value? Let's look at that. more »

Western Union Now Handling Haiti Government Payouts

Western Union Location, Hinche Haiti Western Union has just announced plans to assist the Haitian Government in making cash payments to recipients of the government's "Ede Pep" program. more »

Did Haitian Olympian Samyr Laine Solicit Funding from the Haitian Ministry of Sports?

Samyr Laine - London 2012 Summer Olympics Haitian Newspaper Le Nouvelliste published a letter from Olympian Samyr Laine solliciting the financial support of the Haitian Ministy of Sports. more »

Fonkoze Bank Robbery in Thomonde Haiti, 3 Million Stolen

Haiti's National Road 3 - Welcome to Thomonde Individuals have broken into Fon Koze, the local microfinance institution, in Thomonde Haiti and stole 3 million gourdes. more »

Haitian Woman Wins $105 Mega Million Jackpot, Her Money Problems Just Got Started!

Mega Millions Lottery Ticket Milford Mill, Maryland - A Haitian woman, Mirlande Wilson, claims she is the ONLY winner of a $105 million Mega Millions ticket BUT... Her McDonald's co-workers are furious... They want her to share the loot... more »

Are You Embarrassed When You Have To Pay With Nickels and Dimes?

Pennies, Nickels, Dimes, And Quarters Why do people look at you funny when you pay with Nickels and Dimes? --- True Story... The other day, I went to a Haitian restaurant to buy me some Diri ak Legumes. When the waitress hand me the food and said "$8.50 Cherie," that's when I realized... more »