Hidden Haiti: The perfect destination for tourists

"Blue skies, palm trees, and the inviting Caribbean sea... All that's missing are the tourists... Welcom to hidden Haiti..."

Beautiful Caribbean beach in Jacmel Haiti
Beautiful Caribbean beach in Jacmel Haiti

These the introductory words of a video reportage by BBC news about tourism in Haiti.

Reporting live from Jacmel Haiti, Laura Trevelyan of the BBC says...

"Haiti is the heart of the Caribbean and the beaches here are just as beautiful as those on other islands.

The neighboring Dominican Republic has a thriving tourism industry. But as Haiti's government tries to promote tourism here, it has to overcome the IMAGE of Haiti as an unstable country...

Tourism would bring much needed jobs and money to this nation... So the hard work is on the way to change the perceptions of Haiti and the hope of a better future."

What do you think about that?

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Patsey says...

I have traveled to Haiti every year since 1994. I have visited several resorts, Moulin Sur Mer, Kaliko, Wahoo, Club Indigo to name a few. They are all worth visiting.

I would recommend that you travel with a driver/interpreter, especially if you are new to

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Charline says...

Never been to Haïti but know great people from there.

Would love to visit this beautiful island where lovely people

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Cj says...

I agree with Flo comment and to this...

SHAME on them for the last 30+ years the many Haitian government were not concern about the country...

Our current president Martelly has undying love for Haiti and he's proving it thru actions...

Haiti ma

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Paul says...

It is true that people complain about the instability of Haiti...

but they also complain about trash in Port-au-Prince.

I read an article on Yahoo today about Haiti, in which someone went as far as saying that there is a bad smell in Port-au-prince, on top of the potential risk of being kidnapped there for a ransom.

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Flo says...

Every country has it's unsafe aspect, nevertheless tourist still go there.

Haiti have been abused through the media that people are afraid.

No should go to Mexico, it's dangerous and corrupted, money gets you a speedy process there but that don't stop tourist from going to that country.

I can't wait for the day Haiti is one of the best and safest place to go on vacation.

#loving and defending my

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