Insecurity in Haiti

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Haiti - Kidnapping Becoming a Thing of the Past

Coralie and Nicolas Moscoso - Kidnapped by Clifford Brandt? Great News... Kidnapping is at an all time LOW in Haiti - A couple of years ago, kidnapping was Haiti's last name... Nowadays there are more FAKE kidnappings reported in Haiti (people who pretend to be kidnapped then turn around and defraud family members in the diaspora asking them to send money to pay ransom) than the real thing, according the latest news reports from Haiti... more »

The fear of insecurity in Haiti causing another disaster in my life

Fear of Insecurity, Locks upon locks at the gate Lesson from Tropical Storm Chantal - I am learning the hard way what can happen in Haiti when you are so afraid that something really bad is going to happen... Let me tell you... something bad WILL happen... You wont believe what I am about to tell you... more »

Western Union in Hinche Haiti Robbed at Gunpoint

USA Money dollar bill People in Hinche Haiti are in shock after learning that a Western Union and SogeExpress agency in the heart of town was robbed at gunpoint yesterday, 24 Jan 2013. more »

HAITI: One of the Safest Destinations in America!

Haiti Open For Business A 2012 Study conducted by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) reveals that Haiti is one of the safest destinations, not just in the Caribbean, but throughout all the Americas. more »

Clifford Brandt Will be on Haiti ALLO La Police Reality TV Show Today!

Photo of Clifford Brand In Handcuffs for Kidnaping Haitian businessman Clifford Brandt who was arrested for kidnapping in Haiti will be showcased on the Haiti Police Nationale reality TV show "ALLO La Police" and it will air today... more »

Fonkoze Bank Robbery in Thomonde Haiti, 3 Million Stolen

Haiti's National Road 3 - Welcome to Thomonde Individuals have broken into Fon Koze, the local microfinance institution, in Thomonde Haiti and stole 3 million gourdes. more »

Is Haiti Poor Because of its Design?

Haiti Open For Business I was just reading a article on Forbes Magazine which raises the question that bad governance and Haiti's dependence on foreign aid may not be the only reason why Haiti is poor... Design may also be the reason... more »