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VIDEO: Haiti is NOT open for Business, Haiti is TOO Expensive - Frustrated Haitian

Haiti is Too Expensive Watch this video... A young Haitian-American posts a video on YouTube complaining that Haiti is NOT open for business. Haiti is just too darn expensive she says for her to vacation there... more »

Police Officer Tonton Bicha Give Princess Eud 4 Traffic Tickets

Tonton Bicha, Police Officer Have you seen this new Haitian police TV commercial with Tonton Bicha dress as a police officer and singer Princess Eud breaking all the rules? more »

Jocelyne Labylle New Video - Laisse parler les gens

Jocelyne Labylle, Jacob Desvarieux - Laisse parler les gens For all the Haitian Zouk fans out there, Jocelyne Labylle et Cheela have a new video out there called 'Laisse parler les gens' featuring Jacob Desvarieux of Kassav et Passi. more »

VIDEO: Minister Farrakhan And Wyclef One-Hour Haiti Interview

Watch this video --- Minister Louis Farrakhan and Wyclef Jean gave a Radio/TV interview to Haiti Radio Carraibes during his Haiti Visit. Listen to the questions asked and pay attention to Minister Farrakhan's replies... more »

VIDEO: I am Haitian, This Is Haiti - Very Inspiring Video, Watch it Now...

Watch the most inspiring Haiti video with simple message: "I am Haitian, This is Haiti," You will love it... more »