List of Countries Haitians can Travel to without a Visa

Here is a list of countries you can travel to and visit with your Haitian Passport without a visa:

Haitian Passports - List of Frequently Asked Questions
Haitian Passports - List of Frequently Asked Questions

In order to inform you better, we also include in the list countries who allowed Haitians to travel without a visa but later changed their mind for one reason or another.


In January 2018, a diplomat from Argentina said: Haitians do not need a visa to visit Argentina as tourists for a stay of up to three months"

8 months later, Argentina changed its mind and reinstated a tourist visa for Haitians because they abused the system.


in July 2017, Taiwan president Tsai Ing-wen and Taiwan's Foreign Ministry announced visa-free entry for citizens of its 11 diplomatic allies in Latin America and the Caribbean in cluding Haiti, effective immediately.

NO visa is required for Haitians to visit Taiwan, All you need is your Haitian Passport.


Haitians do not require a visa to go to the Republic of Benin, formerly known as Dahomey, in West Africa. Haitians can stay for up to 90 days but you must have an international vaccination certificate.


Haitian citizens do not need a visa to travel to the Commonwealth of Dominica as a tourist. Haitian tourists can stay up to 21 days in Dominica, no visa required.


No visa is required for Haitian citizens to travel to the Republic of Gambia in West Africa but you must obtain clearance from the Gambian immigration before you travel to that country.


Haitian travelers do not need a visa to go Indonesia as a tourist. Haitians can stay in Indonesia for up to 30 days without a visa


With just a Haitian passport you can visit Israel, no visa is required. Haitian citizens can stay up to 3 months in Israel without a visa.

If you know any other country that Haitian citizens can travel to without a visa let us know by posting a comment and we will update this list.

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Serge Prophete says...

what countries can Haitians travel visa on the entry port or

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Jcyogi says...

Haiti Citizens currently don't need a Visa to visit
Indonesia, Phillipines, Malaysia,
South Korea, Micronesia,
Singapore, Samoa, Hong Kong, Taiwan

and for the Following countries visa can be obtained upon arrival
Bangladesh, Cape Verde, Comoros,
Bolivia, Egypt, Iran, Jordan, Mauritius, Nepal
Senegal, Togo, Cuba

For Haitians with a Valid Visa or Resident card For the USA, Canada, European Union or Japan
They are also visa exempt
from Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama, Nicaragua, Montenegro, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Aruba, Curacao, Bonaire, Saint

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