haiti earthquake

Earthquake Aftershock In Haiti - 24 Jun 2011

There was earthquake aftershock in Haiti today, Friday June 24 2011. Have you heard? 5.4 magnitude, some say...

Up To 20 Years To Remove Earthquake Rubble In Haiti?

I was watching a CNN report about the Haiti earthquake recovery efforts and they say experts are predicting that it could take up to 20 years to remove all of the rubble in Haiti. 20 years???

Shakira Was In Haiti, She Will Help Rebuild Ecole Elie Dubois

Singer Shakira was in Haiti over the weekend and she did a lot more than watch Haitian school students do the Wakka Wakka, Shakira donated $400,000 to help rebuild Elie Dubois high school in downtown Port-au-Prince.

Was there an earthquake aftershock in Haiti last night?

Somebody screamed EARTHQUAKE on Twitter around 4:15am this morning... Was there an aftershock in Haiti?

YAHOO.com Adds The Haitian Flag To Their Logo!

If you go to Yahoo.com you will notice that the Haitian flag has been added to their logo and they are urging their visitors to help Haiti now.