haiti earthquake

WOW... Sean Penn's Haiti Earthquake Camp is No More?

After the 2010 Haiti earthquake, Haiti's only golf course, the Petionville Club, became a large relief camp run by Hollywood movie star Sean Penn... I just found out that this camp is NO MORE... A big sign that things are getting back to normal in Haiti... Don't you think?

Where were you, 12 Janvier 2010, when the earthquake hit Haiti?

Ki kote-w te ye? Kisa-w tap fe 12 Janvye 2010? --- Do you remember where you were on January 12 2010? Do you remember what you were doing when you heard the news that... there was an earthquake in Haiti... and that 300,000 people are possible dead? Share / Pataje your story...

FACT - Haiti earthquake killed more people than the atomic bomb!

Did you know? More people died in Haiti during the 2010 earthquake than those who died from the Atomic Bomb... 100 times more than 9/11...

12 Janvier 2013, 3rd anniversary of the Haiti earthquake, How do you feel?

How do you feel on this day, the 3rd anniversary of the Haiti earthquake?

Jonathan M. Katz WOWed me with this Article About Haiti and the Post-Storm PANIC ATTACK in the USA

READ this America... Haitians offer a good example of how to behave after the storm!

Jacmel Haiti Says Good Bye To Tent Cities

In about 3 months there will be no more tent cities in Jacmel Haiti. Every single Haitian post earthquake tent city dweller in Jacmel will be residing in regular housing.

EARTHQUAKE in Port-De-Paix Haiti...

Monday April 30 2012, The earth shook in Port-de-Paix Haiti... Radio Signal FM has just reported that there was an earthquake in Port-De-Paix Haiti minutes ago...

The Haiti Earthquake Conspiracy You Probably Heard About?

Have you heard this one before... that one of the reasons for the earthquakes in Haiti are explosives accidents from the giant tunnel that the U.S. is drilling under the Caribbean???

4.6 Magnitude Earthquake Hits Haiti Last Night!

Yet Another Earthquake Panic - There was an earthquake in Haiti last night...

Haitian Soccer Team Helping US Military Amputees

A Haitian soccer team of amputees who lost limbs during the January 12 earthquake are in the United States teaching US military amputees how to play soccer with their disabilities...