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More than 1 year after MINUSTAH left, how is the Haitian Police doing?

PHOTO: Haiti - New Police Graduates, 25th Promotion It's been 14 months since the United Nations peacekeeping MINUSTAH forces left Haiti and the Haitian police have been doing their best to maintain law and order as the only forces in a country that is not very easy to govern. In your opinion, how is the Haiti's Police Nationale (PNH) doing? more »

Haiti Police Officers are about to Get a Salary INCREASE

PHOTO: Haiti National Police Force, New graduating class Good news for all Haitian Police officers out there... Haiti Justice Minister Pierre-Richard Casimir has just announced a salary increase for ALL Haitian National police (PNH) officers starting in October... more »

New Haiti Education Police Officers - EDUPOL - to begin protecting Haitian Students

PHOTO: Haiti EDUPOL - Haiti Education Police - First Promotion Haiti has just graduated the first promotion of Community Education Police officers, EDUPOL... 57 police officers will be deployed in the Port-au-Prince metropolitan area to insure the security of the Haitian students in the streets and around the schools... more »

Haiti - Police Sou Bicyclette - Now in Cap Haitien

Haiti - Police Sou Bicyclette - Nouvo image Police Nationale la A new brigade of Haitian Policemen on Bike has just been launched in the city of Cap-Haitien Haiti... In an intiative to bring the police closer to the Police, eight new police officers will be patrolling the streets of Cap-Haitien on bicycles. more »

A new promotion of Haitian community police officers just Graduated

Haiti - Police Sou Bicyclette - Nouvo image Police Nationale la Haiti's Community Police is growing in numbers... A new promotion of Haiti community police officers have just graduated from the Haitian police academy. They are ready to hit the streets various community across the country. more »