Driving in Haiti

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Haiti Traffic Police Will Be Using Radar Soon

Camion Transport Le Bon Samaritain Gonaives Haiti Attention Haitian reckless drivers, if you think Haiti is a SAVANN where you can drive however you want, as fast as you want, think again... more »

Comparing Haiti to The Dominican Republic Part 1 - The Terrain

Last week, I was standing on top of a building in Santo Domingo and something caught my attention: There are no mountains! more »

Haiti Kanaval 2012, Traffic Jam On The Road To Les Cayes

Traffic To Les Cayes Haiti Kanaval 2012 Saturday 18 Feb 2012 - Haiti Route National 2 becomes a parking lot as Haitians head south to Kanaval 2012 in Les Cayes. We have so photos to show you... more »

PHOTOS: Gas Shortage In Haiti, Look at The Lines At The Pump

Haiti Gas Shortage, Long Line at the Gas Pumps A picture is worth a Thousand words... There is a shortage of gas at the pumps in Haiti, See photos of the long lines as people wait to buy gas by the gallon in the few pumps where fuel is available in limited quantity. more »

President Martelly and Arnel Belizaire Arrive at Delmas 33, Scene Of A Tragic Traffic Accident

Haitian President Martelly, Depute Arnel Belizaire and First Lady Sophia Martelly has just arrived on the scenes of Television National d'Haiti (TNH), now the scene of what will probably be remembered as one the worse traffic accidents in Haitian History. more »

Tragic Accident, Delmas 33 Haiti, Tractor Trailer Smash Into TNH, Many Dead

BREAKING NEWS, Delmas 33 Haiti - A Tractor Trailer with no brakes going down Route de Delmas 33 in Port-au-rince Haiti has just ran into the corner of Delmas 33 taking with it cars, motorcycles, people, ti machanns, everything in it's path, and smashed them all through the walls of Haiti Television station (TNH) leaving a pile of dead bodies and metal in it's path, Monday, January 16 around 10:30pm. more »

Is Haiti Poor Because of its Design?

Haiti Open For Business I was just reading a article on Forbes Magazine which raises the question that bad governance and Haiti's dependence on foreign aid may not be the only reason why Haiti is poor... Design may also be the reason... more »

Haiti - 200 Years and No Roads

Haiti is about to turn 200 years old on January 1, 2004. more »