Driving in Haiti

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New Haiti License Plates Starting October 2014

Haiti Plaque d'Immatriculation -  Haiti Licence Plate Starting 1 Oct 2014, Haiti will be issuing new license plates to all vehicles and motorcycles in Haiti, Different color license plates will be issued for each department in Haiti and vehicles will be issued TWO license plates, one in the front and one in the back... more »

Haiti Reconstruction - Plans to Rebuild Jean-Jacques Dessalines' Residence in town of Marchand Dessalines

PHOTO: Haiti Reconstruction - Site de la Maison de Jean-Jacques Dessalines a Marchand Dessalines A few weeks ago I decided to do a little "Tourist Local" and found myself in Marchand Dessalines Haiti, the first Capital of the Republic, that's where I discovered the Government's plan to rebuild the Residence of Emperor Jean-Jacques Dessalines... more »

New Haiti Road Network - The Center-Artibonite Beltway (Boucle Centre-Artibonite)

Haiti Roads - Boucle Centre-Artibonite - Center Artibonite Loop Imagine that... A Ring Road that loops around Haiti's Plateau Centrale, North and Artibonite region connecting in its path 14 cities and 10 marketplaces in 3 departments where food and other agricultural products can move easily to the north, center, south of Haiti, even to the Dominican Republic... Imagine no more... The reality will amaze you... more »

Car Accidents - Auto Insurance in Haiti, is it true what they say?

OAVCT Sticker - Assurance Vehicule Haiti Have you ever been involved in a car accident in Haiti? There is something about driving there that scares me... I've been told that if you get into an accident in Haiti, and God forbid you injure somebody, although you have car insurance, you are responsible for the full care of that person, hospital bill and all... Is that true? more »

Haiti Paved Roads - Asphalt vs. Concrete - Which one is better?

Gonaives Haiti - Newly Paved Road - Avenue Leon Legros When it comes to paved roads in Haiti, have you ever wondered why some roads are concrete and others asphalt? Ask any Haitian why and the first thing they will tell you will have something to do with the government steeling money BUT... There may be another more REAL reason... more »

In Haiti, You burn much MORE GAS per mile!

Gas For Sale by The Gallon In Haiti Recently, I ran a test to see how much gas was using in my car while driving in Haiti, the results are devastating... Once you leave the pavement in Haiti and you start driving uphill and downhill on these rocky roads any four-cylinder car becomes a gas-guzzler... more »

Haiti - Faits a signaler: Road Conditions in Hinche Unbearable - Ministere des Travaux Publics Help...

Haiti Muddy roads Hinche To Maissade 2013 06 23 Hinche Haiti - Less than 2 minutes away from the new municipal buildings that Haitian president Michel Martelly just inaugurated last week is a MUD bath right in the middle of the road... Ministere des Travaux Publics... tanpri... Gere sa pou nou non! more »

Taxi Moto in Haiti: Not the safest but definitely the most efficient way to get around in Haiti

Taxi Moto - Motorcyle Taxi - Gonaives Haiti Foreigners and tourists in Haiti are opting for taxi-motos as the means to get around in the busy streets of Port-au-Prince and in remote areas where public transportation is scarce. more »

Haiti In Living Color... She Looks Beautiful...

Beautiful Haiti picture - My iPad Background Look at this picture of Haiti... I like this picture so much that I made it the background photo on my ipad. It is beautiful, isn't it? more »

Driving in Haiti: Ever Been To Thiotes? Anse-a-Pitres? Pedernales DR?

Haiti Road Signs - Belle Anse, Grand Gosier, Anse-a-Pitres Have you ever traveled through Thiotes and Anse-a-Pitres Haiti to Pedernales in the Dominican Republic? What are road conditions like? more »