Haitian Priest Says Haitians Should Kneel and Beg Dominicans For Forgiveness

Boca Chica, Dominican Republic - A Haitian priest, Francis Haver, says that Haitians should get down on their knees and apologize to the Dominican people for subjecting it to 22 years of regression...

Ohh... There's something else... You're gonna love this one...

The same newspaper article that publishes father Haver's "get down and beg" statement also states that Francis Haver CLAIMS to be Dominican.

CLAIMS to be Dominican????

Wi pitit... Mom Pe di konsa: "yo me siento ser dominicano; lo unico es que no tengo derecho a votar, pero soy dominicano" (I feel to be Dominican, the only thing is I have no right to vote, but I'm Dominican)

Wow... Es verdad... Yo me siento Frances... Yo me llamo Francisco! LOL...

Ou panse tet mon pe "Derecho???"

He made that statement in the presence of outgoing Dominican president Leonel Fernendez... Who knows, maybe he will be granted the right to vote as a GRACIAS... LOL...

SO... This is headline News in the Dominican Republic today, that Haitians should get down on their knees and apologize to the Dominican people for subjecting it to 22 years of regression.

Haitian President Jean Pierre Boyer invaded the Dominican Republic in 1822 because he believed it was in the best interest of National Security.

"Boyer sought to protect his country [Haiti] from the danger of France or Spain re-taking Santo Domingo and attacking or re-conquering Haiti. He wanted to maintain Haitian independence and secure the freedom of the slaves in Santo Domingo." (Wikipedia)

Should Haitians have to apologize for that?

Are you ready to get on your knees like the Haitian "I think I'm Domincan" priest suggest???

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Topsecret Jahlove says...

This priest most smok lot of crack...

After what haitian doing for dominicain they was controled by spain haitian take spain out from st domingue control them for 25 years, now you are ask haitian to down they kneel to ask

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Bee says...

This is very appalling to me personally.

Shame, shame, shame on this so-called priest for his lack of patriotic and ignorant comment.

I hope he chooses to be less ignorant.

And I hope those of us who don't share his belief speak

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Peperish says...



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G.printemps says...


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Kenold Pierre says...

From October 2 1937 to october 7 1937 they slaughtred and butchered just like pigs 30.000 Haitiens and then he expect us to ask them for forgieveness.

He must be out of his mind, Perejil massacre was the worst that ever happenned in the history of the haitien

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Ernst Darbouze says...

Si nou pap yon nasyon ki ti sousou nou tap lwen nan tout sa nou tap fe. Sote pompe mwen ayisyen, m'ap ayisyen e m'ap toujou ayisyen for life. Si nou te konn se moun nou te ye Ayiti t'ap byen lwen men jan ak Jamaica.

Tout moun bezwen vinn Jeruzalem si nou te konsa ki gen Jeruzalem nou ta mete tet nou ansanm pou nou bati Ayiti cheri e li ka bati, li ka rebati

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Laurianne says...

he is fucking crazy...

many haitians people die over there also, do dominican people bow down for us or apologize for that, HELL

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Chan says...

Kiss my Black Haitain,
a***** Haitain should not have to get on they knees to beg
anyone for

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Joey says...

Why do so many haitians hate themselves so much?yes, this fking priest is one of them but he isnt the only one. Stop bleaching your

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Cal says...

I just learn that this hypocrite is Haitian.

He just got paid to make this speech and even Dominicans laugh at him because they know that's not haitian talk. Haitians are keep their head up no matter

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