Christmas in Haiti

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Traveling during the holidays? Hope you made your travel plans early

Many people travel during the Holidays to spend some time with family and friends. Haitians in the Diaspora often travel to Haiti for the Holidays but travelimg this time of year can cost you a lot of money, especially if you did not make your reservations early. more »

Are you in Haiti? Do you feel the Christmas Spirit?

Christmas in Haiti Last night, December 13 2018, Only 12 days before Christmas, I am driving down the city of Hinche Haiti and I realize, there's no Christmas spirit here! How is the Christmas spirit in your neck of the woods? more »

It's Christmas season in Haiti and I am not in a Holiday mood, Are you?

Christmas in Haiti Can you believe this? I've only spotted one Christmas tree in the city of Hinche Haiti where I live. It's at my cousin's beauty salon. Of course there are no wrapped gift boxes beneath it... more »

Christmas in Haiti - My goodness, Christmas is here already here... Christmas songs are playing on Haitian radio

Christmas in Haiti I am sitting here listening to the neighbors radio, an old school Haitian Christmas song is playing and, already, I am in the mood for the Holidays. more »

Haiti Fin d'Annee 2015, Lajan pa Sikile, Pa gen Bwas nan Lari a, Anpil moun ap Plenyen Razeur...

1 Gourde - Haitian Paper Money Pou fin d'année 2015 la en Haiti, anpil sitwayen nou rankontre ap plenyen, lajan pa sikile nan lari a, pa geyen anpil echange ki ap fèt, pa gen bwas nan lari la... Anpil moun ap plenyen razeur... more »

Christmas in Haiti - I am Beginning to Feel the Christmas Season, What about you?

Christmas in Haiti Christmas Season begins in Haiti... Hours ago, I went to a restaurant in Hinche Haiti to order a late night "Diri kole ak pwa kongo ak poul peyi," and I stumbled on a local band, Nanm Soley, playing the best Twoubadou ever with a BIG fat Christmas tree sparkling in front of the restaurant... more »

Haiti - 3eme Edition Marche de Noel du grand Sud, Jacmel 12,13 et 14 Decembre 2014

Christmas in Haiti La troisième édition du Marché de Noel du grand Sud à l'occasion des fêtes de Noel se tiendra à Jacmel les 12,13 et 14 Décembre 2014. more »

Spending Christmas 2013 in Haiti - My FIRST Since 1988

Christmas in Haiti HAPPY HOLIDAYS! -- This Christmas, 2013, will be my FIRST Christmas in Haiti since 1988. It will not be an extravagant Christmas BUT... "Map manje yon kabrit kamenmmm... epi tou... De twa zanmi pwal banm KOU... ANPIL KOU... LOL..." more »

Are you Ready for the Holidays? is Santa coming to visit?

Merry Christmas Haiti December is here. The month for giving, the month for spending lots of money on gifts and travel... Let me ask you... Are you ready for the holidays... Will you and your family have a Merry Christmas this year? more »

Merry Christmas, Where is My Gift?

This is a true story about my Christmas adventures as a New York Times delivery man... Believe me... The New York Times will love this story! more »