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Rwanda wants to become the Singapore of Africa. What does Haiti want to become of the Caribbean?

Which model country is Haiti trying to be like? I was watching a documentary talking about how Rwanda is becoming the Singapore of Africa. It makes me wonder is Haiti copying any country at all? Does Haiti have a plan? What does Haiti want to become of the Caribbean? more »

Haitian politicians can learn a lot from the animal world but they refuse

Haitian dog and a cat playing together in Haiti Isn't that funny? Cats and dogs can get along but Haitian politicians refuse to sit down to figure out how to Haiti out of the s**t hole. more »

Everything you know, everything you believe is because you saw or heard it - No wonder Haiti is the poorest country, we hear it everyday!

Food for Thought - As a Haitian Thinketh... I was watching a video on YouTube where comedian DL Hughley was giving his opinion about the Black Panther movie and it made me think about Haiti. DL Hughley said: "Everything you know, everything you believe, you know it or believe it because because you saw it or you heard it." Let me ask you a question: What have you seen or heard about Haiti all your life? more »

Ile-a-Vache Haiti - Residents resisting tourism plans for the island

Haiti Open For Business QUESTION: What is wrong with a plan to construct an International airport, build roads, rebuild the port, build several hotels and electrify an island that has been ignored since the beginning of time? Well ask the residents of Ile-a-Vache Haiti. Some of them think it is a bad idea... more »

Is Haiti a place where you are NOT allowed to give credit?

Food for Thought - As a Haitian Thinketh... Are Haitians capable of showing love in public for something that they believe in without being harassed by the guardians of NEGATIVITY? more »